About Moi

I’m just your not-so-average college girl trying to make my way in the world. I love writing, Psychology, taking photos (though I have a woefully inadequate camera) and food. This last love has inspired me to attempt to learn to cook, because I think every self-respecting proto-adult should be able to feed themselves on more that just top-ramen and easy mac. To be honest, I know most of the basics, I can make eggs, season meat/fish, and create casseroles that may not always be tasty, but which do include most of the ingredients I need to survive. And when in doubt, I can always pour myself a bowl of cereal! But that’s not the kind of cooking I’ll be striving to learn, and as such not the kind I’ll be posting on these pages. No, you see, I want to cook things that are tasty and perhaps completely without nutritional value! I want to learn to make good food, to make it cheap, and to (perhaps) make new friends with all the yummy, delicious things I’ll make! Wish me luck, and pray I won’t burn the house down!



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