August 5, 2010

Okay, so I might have…

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a bit of explaining to do. I stated yesterday that cooking really kind of scares me, and reading over what I wrote, I felt that I needed to elaborate. So here goes:

Fact 1) I really like food. Aside from the obvious reasons that it can taste amazing and fill my hungry belly, I just happen to have a lot of positive associations with food. Growing up, I loved helping my mom cook or bake. I loved holidays when everyone in my family got together and cooked and laughed and argued and ate. I also loved (and still love) the fact that there are some recipes that my mother will only cook certain times of the year. (She makes a mean hot potato salad, but it only makes its appearance during the summer months) While this food/recipe guarding might annoy some people, it always gave me something to look forward to. In short food and happy memories have always been closely tied together in my head.

Fact 2) Unfortunately food and I also have some issues. I have often loved food to much, to the point of excess, to the point where I got a bit chunky to say the least. And then I hated food for what it turned me into.

In the end, food and I have come to a grudging peace.

Fact 3) Even though food and I get along, the process of actually cooking food, has always proved a challenging one to me. I get distracted, I jump in without reading all the directions and I can occasionally lose my common sense. This has lead to some flour-y cakes, burnt cooking implements, and one incident (which I will never live down) in which I added the butter for macaroni and cheese, to the boiling water, and then once the macaroni was drained, I couldn’t figure out why the cheese refused to stick.

Yeah… It’s been interesting.

And so, to conquer my own fears mostly, and to prove to myself that food is not that complicated, I decided to go about with this experiment.

I should also clarify though, that I’m not going to start out by cooking four course meals. In fact I;m staying away from ‘dinner’ altogether. Because dinner often has a great many components.

And the more components, the more distracted and overwhelmed I might become, and the more likely I am to set the house on fire.*

So when I say I’ll be cooking one thing a week over the next 30 weeks, I mean I’ll be cooking one appetizer, baked good, or dessert most likely. I may venture past that if I find a recipe too tasty or simple not to try. But right now, I’m staying away from dinner and just working on figuring out this whole ‘cooking’ thing in the first place!

*People always say they’re worried about setting the house on fire when it comes to cooking, but I take that fear more seriously than most. You see, I don’t have the greatest family track record for that one. My father actually DID set the house on fire while cooking. He got distracted and wasn’t paying attention… and then the house was in flames. So you may joke, but it can and does really happen!


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